Brighton Marathon 12 April

Trudie Drake -

Last Sunday, 12 April, Natasha Nuckchady from Yahoo, Rupert Diggins, Beachcomber and our very own John de Vial from ABTA, dusted off their trainers and ‘ran for their LifeLine’ in the Brighton Marathon. 

The day was glorious, sunny but not too hot with a nice breeze, near perfect conditions for running a marathon – or so I am told.

As expected, Natasha was off quickly, followed by John and then Rupert; only because Rupert was overwhelmed with meeting Elvis at the start!! 

All ran brilliantly with Natasha finishing in a fabulous time of 4:45. Rupert stepped up a gear near the finish when he was overtaken by Peppa Pig...

Not only did Natasha, Rupert and John personally achieve something remarkable, they also raised over £3000 for ABTA LifeLine. A wonderful result for both the charity and themselves.

A huge thank you goes out to our runners and those that sponsored them. This support is vital to us continuing the great work we, do helping people in our very own travel community.

If this has inspired you to get running, we still have 3 places left in the Manchester 10k run on 10 May. 

Contact Izzie on 020 3693 0171 or email

Go on, have fun and fundraise. As these 3 colleagues will tell you, doing good feels great – especially at the finish……….

Have a look at our photos from the day. And why not give us a like at the same time! 





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