Get involved in the Big Charity Week and help us make a difference

Trudie Drake -

For the first time ever, ABTA LifeLine is asking the travel industry to come together for a week of fun and fundraising in support of the charity.

ABTA LifeLine is here to help people in the travel industry who need it most. It provides support to former and current travel industry staff and needs your support to continue its great work.

The Big Charity Week aims to promote the work of ABTA LifeLine, and how it’s helping travel industry families, as well as raise much needed funds for the charity. We want the week to be fun and engaging with Members and colleagues coming up with events and ideas to help raise the profile of ABTA LifeLine – this is just as important as raising money. Not everyone who could benefit from ABTA LifeLine knows about it, and the same goes for potential supporters.

To help as many people as possible, we need to reach as many people as possible.

During the week ABTA LifeLine will be launching a new set of engagement tools which will help people understand the ways that it can support them and how to apply for help.

The week will culminate with a ‘Lunch for your LifeLine day’ on Friday 28 September when we would like colleagues to get together, have lunch and make a donation – big or small – to the charity.

We hope you and your organisation will join with us and help raise awareness across the travel industry of ABTA LifeLine and the help it can give.

For ideas and inspiration  check our Big Charity Week page.

Trudie Drake
Director, ABTA Lifeline

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