Shelly’s ultimate challenge - The Virgin Active London Triathlon

Shelly Beresford -

Hi all – I’m Shelly, ABTA’s communications manager, and this is my way of helping ABTA Lifeline this year… 

And so it begins…

My colleagues would confirm that I like to try and stay fit and healthy and I’m a pretty active person, running, gym, cycling, these activities are part of everyday life for me. Swimming however is not.

With that in mind, in a moment of madness I have signed up to take part in this year’s London Triathlon sprint category on 27 July, and when sharing my madness with Trudie, ABTA Lifeline’s director – who isn’t one to miss an opportunity – I have subsequently agreed to take part on behalf of, and to raise some funds for, ABTA Lifeline.

At this stage it’s important to point out that while the 20k bike and 5k run isn’t something that is particularly worrying me, these two events come after a 750m open water swim in London’s docklands. Currently I can swim 50m and have to have a little rest, so please do believe me when I say this is my ultimate challenge.

Quite frankly I’m terrified! I can train for the swimming and not having learnt as a kid, will book some lessons, and I can also book some for open water, however the event itself will be totally different with thousands of others chopping up the water around me.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be blogging about my training – although I will not be going outside until the severe weather warnings calm down – and I’ll start my fund raising efforts through the Lifeline Just Giving page.

So this is the start of my journey, I hope you come along for the ride, I can’t guarantee it won’t get a little stormy though… game on!

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