Cam’s Story

Cameron is 14 and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a life-limiting progressive muscle wasting condition. 

This means Cam is a full-time wheelchair user. In order to maintain a quality of life and independence a specially adapted wheelchair was of the upmost importance for Cam. He needs a well fitting wheelchair with the correct seating system, essential in helping to avoid muscle contractures. 

For a child with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a wheelchair is far more than a mobility device - it's a key part of his medical care and a way to have an independent, fulfilled life. 

At a cost of over £20,000 the special Dragon Powerchair was far beyond the means of the family. They started fundraising themselves and Cam, not wanting to be left out of the process, decided to sell his sketches to raise money for the chair.

Cam's father Rob, a self-employed electrician, approached the Electrical Industries Charity to help with funding, who in turn contacted a number of other charities for assistance. Cam's mum Lisa had worked for Lunn Poly and so the family were eligible to apply for help from ABTA LifeLine.

ABTA LifeLine put in £3,000 towards the cost of the chair and thanks to a number of other charities, sufficient funds were raised for Cam to get the powerchair he so needed.