Paul’s Story

Paul Hagan worked in the travel industry for some 30 years including for three ABTA members. 

In 2014 whilst training to cycle a leg of the Tour de France in 2015, Paul suffered a major heart attack in the gym. Although he was resuscitated he suffered a further attack in hospital leaving him with hypoxic brain damage. This left him cortically blind, needing mobility assistance and with numerous neurological problems.

Paul and his wife have two young children. He was the sole bread winner and although he is undergoing rehabilitation, it is unlikely he will ever return to work.

Kate is now facing the day-to-day reality of how to pay the mortgage, bills, and feed her family on her part time salary.

ABTA LifeLine was able step in and help keep a roof over the family’s head for the next six months, by which time they will have a better understanding of the future they face. Something which at present is filled with uncertainty. 

"Your support at that critical time saved our lives"