£15,000 in awards made.

At the Trustee Meeting on 20 June over £15,000 in awards were made to deserving applicants, people in the travel industry who through no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times.

One award was for a light weight wheelchair for someone who was paralysed as a result of a motorbike accident. Another award was for eye gaze technology for someone with motor neuron disease who needs help with communicating. But we also gave out awards to people that need help with every day things such as essential appliances and priority debts including rent and fuel bills.

So as you can see, our 'LifeLine' really does reach far and wide.

At ABTA LifeLine we need your help in two ways. We need you to spread the word and tell others about ABTA LifeLine so that we can reach more people. Secondly, we need help raising funds to continue to help more people that have fallen on difficult times.

On 23-27 September there is an opportunity to support our Big Charity Week. All we ask is that during the week you come up with your own event to support your charity. For example, why not hold a 'lunch for your lifeline.' Bring in a plate of food to share, have lunch, and donate what you would have spent on lunch to ABTA LifeLine. More details on the Big Charity Week will be out shortly.

Please do get involved in your charity as you never know, it may  be you one day that needs our help.

Best wishes