If you have been made redundant we are here to help you

ABTA LifeLine and People 1st International – redeployment service

If you have been affected by Covid-19 and want a career change or to bridge the gap until the travel industry gets going again we can help you.

ABTA LifeLine has partnered with People 1st International to help colleagues in the travel industry build on their transferrable skills and redeploy to health, social care, retail, funeral care and logistics.

What is the redeployment service?

During the Covid-19 crisis People 1st International has been working in collaboration with employers and partner specialists to create workforce redeployment packages to give furloughed or displaced workers the skills required to move into industries looking for staff, such as the health, social care, retail, funeral care and logistics sectors.

The service is designed to match your skills and attributes with a hiring employer whilst you undergo the online learning to redeploy to a new sector. For example, People 1st International offer online modules to anyone wanting to gain a certificate in care as well as providing a more generic selection of e-learning including health and safety, manual handling and equality and diversity.

The importance of achieving a certificate cannot be underestimated. It validates your capability and knowledge in that area which is valued by the hiring employer.

How can I sign up?

You can register on People 1st website.

You will be asked for name, email, number, years’ experience, past job and sector, geography and travel limitations and preferences of roles.

You will have an initial discussion about type of work and information about sector to help identify potential roles of interest and will undertake self-assessment to help determine possible sectors and roles.

You will also complete various e-learning modules to brush up on your skills.
Based on your skills, knowledge and attributes, People 1st International will build a short profile for hiring managers to view. They can make the best match based on your attributes and requirements with a hiring employer. Your agreement will be obtained to share your details with prospective employers.

If a hiring manager indicates they would like to connect with you, a formal introduction will be made and you will then follow the hiring organisation’s interview and application process.

Is there a cost involved?

There is a fee of £50 on registering in order for you to undertake the training and gain a certificate, giving you the knowledge and insight to work in either health, social care, funeral care, retail or logistics.

This fee may be reimbursed to you by the hiring employer if you gain employment.
If you think you will struggle to pay the £50 registration fee ABTA LifeLine may be able to support you. We require you to fill out our online application form.

Through this we may also be able to identify if there is any other help that we can give such as a crisis grant (help towards priority bills such as rent, utilities), food voucher for essential groceries, expert advice on debt, benefits, budgeting through our partner Citizens Advice Manchester and mental health and well being support through our partner The Centre for Crisis Psychology.

Of course there may be other ways that we can help you too. Take a look at our blog to find out what other help might be available.

For more information or for any other advice and support on redundancy email lifeline@abtalifeline.org.uk

To see how People 1st manage your personal data please see their privacy notice