Make a donation today

Make a donation today

It’s thanks to your generosity that we’re able to keep on providing support to those who need it the most. ABTA LifeLine is for all of us in the travel industry; past and present – you just never know, one day it might be you who gets to benefit. 

There are hundreds and thousands of us working in travel, so if we all gave just £2 every so often, it would add up to make a huge difference. And remember, if you’re a UK taxpayer please tick the Gift Aid box when you donate - it means more money goes to LifeLine from tax recovered on each and every donation.

There are lots of other ways to give to ABTA LifeLine, including attending one of our events where all proceeds come to us or by fundraising. Why not take a look at how you can get involved with your charity.

Where your donation will go

Your donation will help your colleagues, both past and present, in a number of ways. Here at ABTA LifeLine we pride ourselves on treating each application individually and giving what we think is the best possible support we can provide. it may help someone with an illness or disability, replace a washing machine, or help fund training to support someone get back into work. However we spend your donation, you can be rest assured that it will be put to very good use helping someone in our industry when they need it most.

Take a look at some of the people we've helped so far and see how your donations have made a difference.