Mental Health Awareness Seminar

ABTA is conducting a new seminar on mental health awareness and wellbeing practices within the workplace. The Seminar aims to provide practical insights into mental health, raise awareness of what challenges are faced in the work place and improve the general wellbeing of all employees.

ABTA LifeLine's Director Trudie Clements will be speaking at this event and sharing the impact of what poor mental health can have on an individuals life. It has come to our awareness that more and more case we receive need support not only financially but also emotionally and mentally. Preventing a deterioration in your mental health is key, however many people who turn to LifeLine have been forced into situations that exert a large amount of pressure on an individual or their family. Trudie will bring to light the urgency of why mental support and guidance is so important to help provide balance. We can fix a roof, provide white goods and vouchers, however if the mental health of an applicant isn't good these only become temporary fixes. Solutions like counselling and therapy can help provide the stability an individual needs to rebuild their life.

The event itself will focus on the unique challenges presented in regards to the mental wellbeing of staff in the travel industry. Due to the varied nature of the work there are a range of opportunities for one's mental health to be challenged. This event is designed to encourage a start of conversation with your organisation to help reduce the stigma behind mental health and build a more positive awareness.

For more information about the ABTA Mental Health Awareness Seminar please visit ABTA Events: Mental Health and Wellbeing in Workplace and take a look at what sessions will be covered with which speakers. If you're interested in joining us for this event please feel free to book here.

With this in mind; if you ever feel someone is in need of instant support please use the NHS helplines.