Emma*, a former travel rep, came to ABTA LifeLine for help after she was forced to move following a sexual assault whilst living in a house share.

She was moved to a domestic violence refuge before finally the council provided her with a one bedroom flat.

Coming from furnished properties Emma* had very little furniture and white goods, and due to the flat being newly built it had no flooring or curtains either. She managed to secure various bits of furniture from family and friends, and her local council gave her a hardship loan so that she could purchase an oven and washing machine, but she was still lacking many necessities.

Emma* was also unable to work due to the anxiety and depression her attack had caused, and therefore was doing her best to get by on the very little benefits she was receiving.

This is when ABTA LifeLine stepped in to purchase her carpets, fridge freezer and curtains, to help make Emma’s* new flat her home. We also paid the remainder of her hardship loan and sent Tesco vouchers for 6 months to support her financially whilst she continued in her recovery before going back into employment.

"I just want to say how overwhelmed I am with all the help you have given me; you have taken so much stress away from me"

ABTA LifeLine are so pleased that Emma* found us, and that we were able to provide such vital support during an incredibly difficult time.

*Name changed and stock image used to protect applicant's identity.