Fit, healthy and just 30 years old, Maria's partner Gabriel was diagnosed with leukaemia. The impact the devastating diagnosis had on this couple's life was heartbreaking. 

But Gabriel was amazingly strong, and thanks to the wonderful support of family and friends, so was Maria. 

'When something like this happens in your life, you survive on autopilot,' she said. 

After two lots of intense chemo and almost four months in hospital, thankfully, Gabriel was on the road to recovery. But with the 30-year-old unable to work and Maria putting all of the couple's spare money aside for travel to visit Gabriel, the couple were suffering significant financial stress.

Thankfully ABTA LifeLine was there to help...

'This year's holiday, which was desperately needed by both of us, would never have happened without the support of ABTA LifeLine and the work of Trudie. Thank you very much, we will never forget' Maria.