Barbara* worked for Thomas Cook for 17 years. 

In February 2014, after 34 years of marriage, Barbara's husband passed away. But while sorting his affairs she discovered he had extensive debts of which she knew nothing about.

Barbara quickly realised how serious the situation was when she became homeless. At 68, she was forced to live in her car for four months before she found a small place to live. But after six months she again had to search for a new home before finally being offered a local authority house.

The property was in her hometown but had no flooring, cooker or white goods. Barbara had nothing. 

ABTA LifeLine were able to buy all the everyday essentials and the flooring for the entire property to ensure Barbara was able to enjoy her new home. 

'You have truly turned my life around and I am so very grateful for your kindness and compassion. I can at last move on with my life and hopefully find happiness and contentment again. Without ABTA LifeLine none of this would be possible. I cannot thank you enough.'

*Name has been changed to protect the individual's identity.