Born at just 32 weeks, Ganaya was critically ill. The first year of her life was a roller coaster for her parents. After three major operations and multiple hospital stays, the one-year-old was finally allowed home.

Ganaya was then diagnosed with cerebral palsy - a condition that affects muscle control and movement. This meant she was not able to stand or walk unaided and required daily intensive physiotherapy sessions. 

Ganaya's parents found themselves struggling to manage their day-to-day finances and have enough on top of this to fund the essential physiotherapy. Her father kept his job with TUI while her mother was her full-time carer. 

ABTA LifeLine was able to help the family by stepping in to fully fund six months worth of physiotherapy.

'The funding we have received from ABTA LifeLine puts our minds at peace as we can carry on with Ganaya's much-needed physio, which we know will help her get even stronger and more confident.' - Ganaya's mother