A horrifying road traffic accident left Claire's teenage son Toby in a serious condition. 

The family spent countless hours with Toby in intensive care, at a hospital miles from home. 

After four long weeks, they were finally able to return home with Toby - but things didn't get any easier for the family.

'My husband is self-employed so we had no income while our son was in intensive care - then he too ended up in hospital when we got home,' Claire said.

The travel agent, who has worked for a large tour operator for the past 30 years said it was her manager who first suggested she get in touch with ABTA LifeLine.

ABTA LifeLine were able to send the family grocery vouchers and help with priority bills, at a critical time.

'It really have been a 'lifeline' - our world was turned upside down.'

Claire said the family knows there is still a long road ahead, but Toby is making a remarkable recovery and her husband's health is improving too. 

'Toby is under neurology care for two years, however, we remind ourselves daily how fortunate we are to have him with us. We were told on many occasions it didn't look good.'

The travel agent said she now wants to encourage any fellow industry colleagues who may be struggling to reach out to ABTA LifeLine for support. 

'However proud you are - we've never asked for any kind of help before - the charity is wonderful and very empathetic. It makes you proud to be in travel.'

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If you are in need of support, get in touch with ABTA LifeLine today.