In 2013 I took a big risk as I was in my 50s, but I gave up my previous work life in social care and education to work overseas with Thomas Cook, this meant making lots of changes to my then very stable life. 

No one was prepared for the sudden and abrupt collapse of Thomas Cook or the damage it caused to people’s livelihoods and security. As I had nowhere to call home in the UK anymore. I found myself seeking immediate employment with another overseas operator and managed to secure a place to live in that destination. 

Then the current world situation happened, I lost the job and home. The reality and trauma began to set in. 

I was told about ABTA LifeLine from a member of the BBC, and he quickly connected me as I was walking with my suitcase through London that day. I was now effectively homeless and jobless. 

Over the next nearly 2 years I stayed with numerous, friends, and family, on often very short term basis’s, a few weeks here and there. My mental health sadly depleted, along with my already physical health not good. There were times I just didn’t want to be here anymore. 

ABTA LifeLine, truly saved me in so many ways, first came lovely caring consistent support from everyone I spoke to, allowing me time to cry, then vouchers for food, counselling, and CAB support, last but not least an incredibly generous contribution to my new home.

In April 2021 I was offered a flat,  there was no way I could have made it into the home it is today, without the support I’ve received along the way.

ABTA LifeLine, always maintained consistent in their support, communication and care. I never felt alone, ever. 

I’m eternally grateful for this support and one day I hope I can give back to this wonderful charity. 

Thank you from my heart. 

 *name changed to protect identity