Elena, a travel agent and single mum had been placed on furlough due to the COVID-19 crisis. This had put mounting pressure on Elena’s financial situation, causing her much  worry and stress. 

Elena lives some distance from any essential shops, schools and her place of work, leaving her dependent on her vehicle. Elena’s car breaking down was the last straw. She was at breaking point. So she contacted LifeLine to see if they could provide any assistance.  

LifeLine were able to help with food vouchers to alleviate some of her financial struggles, allowing Elena to put money into other bills, and repaired her car.   

Elena said ‘Due to the Covid-19 pandemic I was made furlough, this had an impact on my finances and also my mental health. During this time my car needed a new clutch and I did not know what I was going to. My concern was me having to return to work which is over a 40 mile round trip but being on furlough pay this made it impossible for me to afford the repairs. I reached out to the ABTA lifeline using the online form. I was contacted really quickly by a very friendly and helpful lady who was reassuring and advised they will be in contact within 24 hours to let me know how they could help. 

I am so thankful and grateful for everything they have done for me.’