Wendy a retired travel agent approached ABTA LifeLine for support following surgery for breast cancer.

Being retired and living off her pension, she simply did not have the finance to make the small changes she needed to help in her recovery. This included purchasing post-surgery clothes and buying healthier foods. 

LifeLine were delighted to provide food vouchers to help Wendy with a healthier diet and gave her shopping vouchers to buy the important clothing items she needed. 

Wendy said: “You can ask the question and help will be channelled to suit your needs. No embarrassing questions just a chat and the help suggested gives back some self-worth when you need support. I was totally overwhelmed by the help and support given and such a friendly service.”

Note: LifeLine’s support is tailored wherever possible to the colleagues’ situation. And no matter how big or small the request for support, we will give it the attention to detail it so deserves.  Sometimes those smaller awards can really make the most difference.