New data released by anti-poverty charity Turn2us shows up to 6% of UK households, living on or below the average national household income of £35,000, are living without a cooker.

The charity has warned that living without such a basic household good has a profoundly negative impact on the physical, emotional and financial well-being of people across the UK.

ABTA LifeLine has also seen this first hand in 2018 alone we have helped our travel industry colleagues purchase household essentials, pay for redecoration and repair costs and even helped with heating bills, to ensure their well-being. 

The research from Turn2us also highlighted in the more extreme circumstances, those living without a cooker include:

  • Almost one in 10 private renters 
  • Six per cent of people with disabilities
  • Eight per cent of single people 
  • Around one in 12 self-employed people
  • Six per cent of working aged people 
  • Nearly one in 12 people earning below £15,000 

Head of Grants at Turn2us, Dawn Jackson, said no one should have to live without basic household appliances. 

'Basic household appliances are not a luxury the reality of living without a cooker at any time of year is grim; it takes away dignity, leaves families further out of pocket and the impact on children or other dependents cannot be overstated,' she said.

As a Turn2us partner, ABTA LifeLine also understands the impact that not being able to afford household essentials has on an individual and their family, especially when it comes to daily tasks like washing and cooking. 

Not being able to afford these items may also mean the family is plunged into further debt if they are forced to buy the goods on credit. 

ABTA LifeLine are committed to helping our travel industry colleagues, in big or small ways – everyone should have access to essential living items.  

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