Team LifeLine return from It’s a Knockout wearing Bronze!

A great day in Richmond with a big big thanks to WHA for organising this event. With the amount of water based activities we were very fortunate to have some sunshine through the games.

Challenge 1 – The Dance Off

Lead by our team Captain Trudie we performed some very aerobic based dancing to get us warmed up. Unfortunately our choreography wasn’t as outrageously mad as some of the other teams. The 4 winning team captains were subjected to a dance off centre stage here we saw the worm, some very unfortunate disco throwbacks and plenty of air guitar. Trudie you definitely dodged a bullet there!

Challenge 2 – Giant Chaos

Now that we were sufficiently warmed up we moved on to what can only really be called Giant Chaos. One member from each team was selected to wear a giant suit along with two helps to help redress or pick up their fallen comrade on the course. As the giant attempts to run across the pass other teams are sliding the mats across the floor in the attempt to trip you up. We had an awesome performance from our Matt Gill who flew across the course making it look genuinely effortless! He was selected for his likeness of the giants on the say (see pictures below). Check out this link to see Matt in action.

Challenge 3 – Penguin Show Down

This challenge starts with three penguins around a circuit a cones, they each have to try and catch the one in front. The person who is caught first leaves the game whilst the remaining two will have to battle it out in the ring. For this round we went for a tactical pick of Chris Wright hoping his low centre of gravity will help him wrestle his opponent out of the ring, unfortunately no. Winning one in a game of best of three we went for a very happy second place.

Challenge 4 – Sausage Shuffle

The amount of innuendos from this round were far too many to count, I apologise in advance for any inadvertent ones. The aim of the game was to bounce your sausage as fast as you can over the line in a relay. Three team members per sausage then a quick change over once we crossed the line, until the whole team has had a go. We don’t have any footage of LifeLine doing it as of yet but click here to see what this round looked like, so much easier than me trying to describe it.

Challenge 5 – Ice Water & Obstacles

For this round we would go one at a time across an inflatable obstacle course carrying a glass of ice water to the other side to place in our team’s bucket. The catch.. we had to carry it on our heads with a hard hat supporting a conveniently cut out hole to fit. Throughout the journey the inflatable course would be shaken by the It’s a Knockout team. Once you reach the end of the course the next team member can go. The goal is to fill your bucket with the most amount of water as possible in a 3 minute time frame. 

Challenge 6 – Sponge Castle

This game required a runner, a squeezer, a catcher, a bucket dunker and a thrower. The majority of the team in this game would stand on podiums (upturned buckets) and throw a wet sponge between them. The goal was to again fill our empty behind the castle with as much water as possible. The water would be transferred from the main bin of water to the final bucket, being thrown from person to person then finally over the castle wall and squeezed into the bucket. The runner would collect any and all (even other team’s) dropped sponges to bring back to the starting point and finish the loop. We dominated this round and came in first!

Challenge 7 – Soapy rope climb

This was by far my favourite, simple idea but proved to be quite challenging. The inflatable was a small mountain with a rope going over the top, you would have to pull yourself up the rope on your knees and wave the next team mate on as you reach the top. As easy as that sounds when it is covered in soap and water it becomes such a spectacle to watch! Unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of us on this one yet but as soon as we do we’ll add them to the blog!

Next time we’ll come home with gold!