Get Travel Talking with ABTA Lifeline and TTG Media 10th - 14th May

ABTA LifeLine is delighted to have teamed up with TTG for our first Get Travel Talking Week in support of mental health and wellbeing. The aim of the week is to bring our travel community together, start conversations, and provide some insights and experiences from travel leaders and our agent community. And who do we know that is fabulous to kick start our campaign, yes Mr Motivator!! 

For more information including our programme for the week visit our Get Travel Talking Week webpage.

 Our travel industry was one of the first and will be one of the last industries to recover from the pandemic which has had a huge impact on our colleagues. 

Over the last 14 months LifeLine has seen an increase in need for mental health and wellbeing support as a direct result of the pandemic. From employees that have been made redundant  and suffering financial stress, worried about finding a new job and generally feeling a lack of self-worth, to those business owners that have been worried about company failure, their business reputation and experiencing verbal and even physical abuse.

During our Get Travel Talking Week we want to promote the help and support that LifeLine can provide travel. 

ABTA LifeLine can provide travel colleagues a LifeLine in their time of crisis by providing practical, financial and emotional support. We will do what we can to help you, tailoring our support where we can to your situation, giving it the attention to detail that it needs. For example;

Through our partner the Centre for Crisis Psychology we can help you with mental health and wellbeing support with our 24/7 counselling service. 

We can help alleviate some of your financial stress through crisis grants for priority bills such as rent, mortgage and utility bills. And even give you food vouchers to ensure you have food on the table.

Our partner Citizens Advice based in Manchester can help you with financial management, helping you with any debt, benefit, housing and budgeting issues. 

And People 1st International may be able to help you retrain and  find that new job until travel fully recovers.

Whatever your worry, LifeLine will do what it can to support you. Nothing is too big to too small to consider.