15 June 2023

Go tropical for LifeLine

Join us in our big charity day on 15 June by wearing a tropical shirt, donate to the charity and make everyone smile. For those that don’t have a bright shirt, you can still wear your favourite beach outfit, shades or sunhat! It’s an opportunity to get in the holiday mood and support the charity in its ongoing efforts to help travel staff in need.

Our big charity day is an amazing opportunity to show your support of ABTA LifeLine and the help the charity gives our travel community, and celebrate what an amazing industry to be part of.

With the cost of living crisis, we know some of our travel colleagues are having a really difficult time. ABTA LifeLine continues to provide practical, emotional and financial support to those in real need.’

One recent beneficiary said:

LifeLine provided me with energy and food vouchers as winter set in and the temperature dropped. They also supported me getting a new freezer, which was invaluable as I was able to freeze meals and save money on food costs. I don’t know what would have happened without the support of LifeLine. My mental health is slowly recovering, and this charity has played a very special part in my recovery.’

So, on 15 June please show just how much travel cares by putting on your best tropical shirt or beachwear, and donate £2 or whatever you can to LifeLine. A small contribution right now could make a big difference to someone else. Every donation allows us to continue supporting our travel industry colleagues who need it most.

We would love to see your photos on the day. Please share on twitter @abtalifeline or facebook.com/ABTALifeLine.
And it’s never been easier to donate or set up your own fundraising page using our dedicated QR code.

Other ways to get involved

There are many more ways to get your colleagues and customers involved on the day, so why not...
  • host a tropical bake sale 
  • hold a hula-hooping competition
  • host a mocktail- or cocktail-making class
Do you have any other tropical-themed ideas for events in your workplace? We'd love to hear about them! Tweet us @ABTALifeLine.

If you're stuck for ideas, never fear! We are here to help – give us a call on 0203 693 0171 or email us at lifeline@abtalifeline.co.uk

We can't wait for you to join us for this year's 'Big Charity Day!'

Don't forget to share your snaps leading up to and on the day by tagging us in your posts @ABTALifeLine and using #gotropical4LifeLine

All the social media assets you need can be downloaded at the bottom of this page!

Suggested ways to engage with the day on social media.

[Insert company name] is supporting ABTA Lifeline by going ‘tropical’ for their big charity day 2023. ABTA Lifeline is calling on all travel industry staff to wear a tropical shirt on 15 June, donate to the charity and make everyone smile.

[Insert company name] is asking all staff to get involved to wear their best tropical shirt/ beachwear for LifeLine’s big charity day on June 15 and donate £2 (or more!) to ABTA LifeLine. You can donate here

For companies who feel comfortable doing so, we are encouraging travel colleagues to share pictures on social media channels to promote the cause!

Here are a few tips on sharing pictures:

Upload an image of yourself/another staff member to your chosen social media platform wearing a tropical shirt or in a tropical themed outfit.
Caption the image.

Tag [insert company social media handles] and ABTA LifeLine so we can share your pictures!
On LinkedIn tag us with:
@ [Insert company tag]
@ABTA – The Travel Association
On Twitter:
@ [Insert company tag]
On Facebook:
@ [Insert company tag]

Don’t forget to use the hashtag, #gotropical4LifeLine. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing a picture, you can also mention the big charity day without one!

Here’s an example of a post which could go with your picture:
“Excited to be wearing my favourite tropical shirt and donating today to ABTA LifeLine’s big charity day. Fantastic cause raising money for travel colleagues in need"

Download your social media assets

Download your social media assets