If you have been made redundant, struggling financially and have previously worked for an ABTA Member, you are eligible for support from ABTA LifeLine. We want to support you get back on your feet. 

We can do this in several ways tailored to meet your circumstances:

1) We can help give you the skills, training and confidence to go out and pursue that new job. Whether you need to, brush up on your computer skills, up to date reservations training, or advice with your CV, we can consider helping you with a suitable training course and the support you need to make a difference to you securing a job. We can even look at helping you buy those all-important new clothes for your interview. 

2) In some situations, we can help cover your priority bills (rent, mortgage, utility) or help pay for the essential things you need. In urgent circumstances we can give you a Tesco voucher so you can buy groceries and household items. We can also look at replacing essential appliances that have broken such as fridges, freezers, ovens etc.

3) If you have debts that are mounting we can help here too. We have partnered with Citizens Advice Manchester (CAM) https://www.citizensadvicemanchester.org.uk/ to get you the expert advice you need to take control and manage those debts. And based on the advice of CAM we may be able to help you further. We will consider helping with bankruptcy or debt relief order fees, and priority bills. 

4) And, if your self-esteem has taken a knocking we may be able to help here with counselling to build your confidence so you are more able to go back into the workplace. 

In order to determine how best we can help you, we need to make a thorough assessment of your circumstances including your current financial situation. You will also need to demonstrate that you have explored opportunities for help from the State and other supportive agencies. Visit www.gov.uk for advice on your entitlement to benefits.

Need our help? Apply here using our online form or simply contact us.

If you know of anyone that may fall on financial difficulty as a result of redundancy, please bring ABTA LifeLine to their attention and the potential help we can provide. It is our goal to make sure we reach all those that need a lifeline during this challenging time. 

You can read some of the case studies and stories herehttps://www.abtalifeline.org.uk/need-our-help/our-stories

For further information about how we can provide support, see our Employer Toolkit or contact us for any help or advice required.